Canna River Mango Peach CBD Tincture

FS Classic Mango Peach 30mL

All natural and with a mango peach taste, this full spectrum CBD tincture is a fan favorite. Used to help with stress, anxiety and sleep. Contains .3% or less THC.

Ethical Brands: Canna River CBD

Canna River, a CBD company based in Thousand Oaks, California, is making a name for itself in the world of CBD. Its focus on high-quality CBD products at the lowest possible price has earned the company great popularity.  Canna River Tinctures With a mission to craft high potency, low-cost premium products people can depend on, … Read more

Canna River Full Spectrum CBD Lemon Raspberry Tincture 6000 mg

picture of canna river 5000mg full spectrum Lemon raspberry CBD in brown tincture bottle

Our Canna River Lemon Raspberry CBD Tincture is made with full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD), organic MCT oil, food-grade flavor extracts, and natural terpenes. A great way to take high-strength CBD. Take the edge off! Contains .03% THC or less. 2.02 oz

With Change Comes Wellness

With Change Comes Wellness

Canna River recently launched a bright new look for their packaging and overall brand. These changes come with exciting new products, including a line of Delta-8 items and updated tincture flavors. In honor of this, we decided to take a closer look at the effects and benefits of change. 

If the past 17 months has taught us anything, it’s taught us to adapt to frequent changes and uncertainty. From large-scale changes brought on by a global pandemic, to small shifts in our daily routine, change can be unfamiliar and stressful. Despite this discomfort, change also produces incredible benefits of wellness. Below, we will outline the benefits of change and how it is essential to growth.


Canna River CBD is a California-based company that offers high-quality CBD products made from organically grown hemp. Their range of products includes CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and more. Canna River CBD is committed to providing customers with safe, effective, and affordable CBD products that can help with a variety of issues, including anxiety, pain, and … Read more

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CBD Tinctures CBD tinctures offer a simple and cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Greenlife Organics CBD Tinctures Canna River & Tessera CBD Tinctures To use, just add a few drops of CBD in liquid form sublingually (under your tongue), which bypasses the digestive process and absorbs straight into the bloodstream. CBD tinctures … Read more

The Top CBD for 2022

picture of a trophy with gliiter and stars around it

The votes are all in! Each year, we grab a calculator, notepad, adding machine, and a sharp pencil to tabulate our customer’s favorites! Here they are, in no particular order….. Sleep Stress and Anxiety Pain and Inflammation Pet CBD Let’s face it, as we learn more about our own anxiety and stress; we also learn … Read more

Can CBD Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies?

Can CBD Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies?

Spring has sprung-  and so have pesky seasonal allergies. 

Experts have warned that allergy season will be far more intense this year as a result of our changing climate and growing pollen concentrations. “With a warmer winter comes a longer growing season for trees and grasses that produce pollen, meaning a higher concentration of pollen for us to deal with as it begins to bloom,” says Dr. Ahmed, an ENT doctor in at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas.

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Gift the gift of wellness! 

Browse our specially curated list of holiday gifts sure to please everyone on your list.