Go Green Calming 2mg CBD Pet Chews


If you like Tessera Pet Treats, this is the same formula and manufacturer. Better value!

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GoGreen Hemp Treats for Dogs are Veterinarian formulated and beef flavored. With 2mg of THC-Free Broad-Spectrum Hemp in each chew.  Each Hemp treat for dogs can be used as a supplement or addition to any dog’s diet. 40 chews per container. 


Thiamine B1 – also known as thiamine, is an essential vitamin for dogs and is vital in maintaining optimal health. The brain and other high energy organs require thiamine for proper function because it is used for carbohydrate metabolism.

Inositol – Inositol plays a role in nerve conduction and helps build cell membranes and take part in protecting your pet’s skin from dehydration.


Chamomile – Sure, you have heard of Chamomile tea and its calming properties, but did you know that our four-legged friends can also benefit from Chamomile consumption? Chamomile can help with a variety of issues from anti-anxiety effects to helping relax muscles in the stomach and bowel which can help decrease gas and pain.


Valerian – this herbal supplement has mild sedative qualities that can help get or keep your canine calm and relaxed even during the most stressful times.

Ashwagandha – Also known as “Indian Ginseng” is used to provide all-natural support for the health of your canine. Many pet owners turn to this natural supplement to help their pup manage normal stress and maintain a normal and relaxed disposition.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract – All of our hemp extract is derived from organically grown hemp and goes through a double extraction process to ensure your canines dog chews are completely THC-Free.

Suggested servings: 

< 16 lbs —> 1/2 Chew Daily 

 17-25 lbs —> 1/2 to 1  Chew Daily 

 26-35 lbs —> 1 to 1.5 Chews Daily

 35-50 lbs —> 2 Chews Daily

 50-80 lbs —> 3 Chews Daily

 80-100+ lbs —> 4 Chews Daily

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