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Trending Now: CBD Gummies

Summer is hot, and so are CBD gummies! As one of the most convenient - and tasty- ways to take CBD, CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular. They’re easy to dose, portable, discreet, and taste great, making them a great option for CBD novices and newbies alike.

Key Considerations

When shopping for CBD gummies, It is important to note that there can be significant differences across products, from potency, to flavor, added ingredients and healing properties. We recommend you keep the following in mind when selecting products so you get the benefits you are looking for. 

1. Type of CBD The first thing to consider when selecting CBD gummies is the type of CBD used: CBD isolate vs. Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum. 

  • CBD isolate is pure CBD with no other cannabinoids. While isolates are ideal for consumers who want to avoid THC, this extraction method strips away cannabis’ volatile organic compounds and terpenes. This means the product won’t provide the full range of health benefits.
  • Broad spectrum contains the most cannabinoids, but generally doesn’t contain THC.
  • Full-spectrum contains all of the plant’s cannabinoids, including THC. Full-spectrum products provide the most therapeutic benefits as a result of the entourage effect, because cannabinoids tend to have a greater effect when combined than consumed alone.

Most experts recommend using full or broad-spectrum products made with organic hemp grown in the United States. Hemp grown in the United States is subject to agricultural regulations, and can’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC.

2. Potency Dose varies widely across CBD products, and it may depend on the CBD source. For example, a 5-mg full-spectrum CBD gummy may feel a lot more potent than a 5-mg CBD isolate gummy. If you’re unsure what dose to look for, the best bet is to start with the lowest one available — generally 5 mg — and increase from there.

3. Ingredients Oftentimes, other ingredients are added to CBD gummies that can impact their effectiveness. For example, many CBD Gummies designed to treat insomnia have added melatonin or other ingredients that will make you fall asleep, and thus would not be effective for users looking to use gummies to treat anxiety. 

Recommended Products

Brands like Greenlife Organics, Coastal Clouds, Medosi, Soji, Tessera Natural and Kurativ all produce quality CBD products and gummies and are available on Flourish + Live Well’s website

Kurative Gummies were recently written up on The Manual as one of the Best CBD Gummies on the Market right now. Containing both CBD and CBG, another cannabinoid compound, Kurativ gummies offer a well-balanced effect and are an easy gummy to integrate into your lifestyle. The gummies themselves are easy to eat and come in tasty flavors. At just 200mg per serving, the dosage is effective but not too potent, making it easy to fit into one’s daily routine. 

Make Your Own

If you are looking for a fun activity for the summer, you can also make your own CBD gummies! This recipe, from Clean Eating Kitchen, takes about 45 minutes and only requires 4 ingredients. 


  • 1 cup 100% fruit juice

  • 2 tablespoons grass-fed gelatin

  • 2 tablespoons raw honey

  • 2 ml of CBD Oil tincture (we recommend 3,000 mg)

* Note: 2 ml of 3,000mg tincture includes 200mg of CBD. So, each serving will provide about 13 mg or CBD. To make the gummies more potent, you can add up to 4 ml of CBD oil (or 4 droppers-full of the 3000 mg bottle).


  1. In a medium saucepan, pour in the fruit juice and heat it over medium heat to a gentle simmer.

  2. Once the juice comes to a simmer, turn off the heat and whisk in the gelatin and the honey, stirring for about a minute until the ingredients are combined.

  3. Transfer the mixture to a small pitcher. Whisk in the CBD oil and then pour the mixture into your molds. 

  4. Place the molds on a baking sheet and set it in the freezer or the refrigerator to set.

  5. Wait at least 30 minutes before removing the gummies from the molds.

  6. Store the gummies in the fridge for up to 10 days.

If you have tried CBD gummies, comment below- we’d love to hear your experience! If you have any questions or are interested in trying CBD Gummies for yourself, contact one of our knowledgeable staff members and we’ll be happy to help!

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