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Flourish + Live Well – A Boutique with a Cause

Flourish + Live Well is an uplifting, upscale boutique in Oceanside, California, featuring a carefully curated selection of hemp-derived CBD products and socially conscious gifts. This passion project of long-time friends Regie Brown and Sally Stirnkorb grew out of their mutually positive experiences using CBD as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Wanting to dispel the myths and share the holistic benefits of CBD, they’ve thoroughly researched and selected only the highest quality, lab-tested CBD and plant-based products to feature in their inviting space in Oceanside, CA. 

In addition to wonderful balms, scrubs, and lotions that soothe the body, customers can soothe their souls by purchasing socially conscious gifts that support meaningful causes like fighting human trafficking or helping families of our fallen military heroes.

We Are All About CBD

Scientists have studied CBD, and millions of people have experienced it, claiming that it can help with various health issues. There are many questions about CBD, and we hope our website can answer all of them. You can always just ask us, too! Get in touch.

CBD Benefits

cbd for inflammation

Why do so many people use CBD? What are the benefits?

CBD for Dogs

CBD for dogs

Sometimes, your dog may suffer from health issues that affect its quality of life.

What is CBD?

cbd antioxidant benefits

Understanding Its Uses, Benefits, and Misconceptions

CBD Oceanside

Flourish + Live Well

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