Hallo-Wellness: Healthy Tips and Tricks for Halloween

Halloween is a time of tricks and treats- but the overload of vice and sweets can leave us feeling icky. So this year, we are giving you a few tips to have a fun and healthy(-er) Halloween and feel your best going into November: 

Hide the Candy! 

Store your candy out of sight to prevent any temptation. If you buy your candy before Halloween, stow the stash in the back of the pantry and hold off on opening the bag until right before the trick-or-treaters arrive.  

Swap out the Sweets 

Another way to deal with a mighty sweet tooth is to swap your candy for healthier alternatives! Fruit snacks, animal crackers, or even fun toys like bouncy balls or glow sticks are a fun way to mix things up and can be a welcome change for trick or treaters. 

Eat Before you Treat 

Whether you are going trick or treating with your family, or spending the night with friends, be sure to fill up on a healthy meal made with vegetables, lean protein and whole grains before heading out. The protein and fiber will fill you up and make you less likely to sneak treats and other unhealthy snacks while out celebrating.  

Be a Picky Eater 

When satisfying your sweet cravings, don’t settle for anything less than your favorites and leave the mediocre candy alone. We also recommend going for the fun-sized candy for portion control.  

Let Yourself Celebrate! 

Don’t be hard on yourself if you eat a few too many Twix bars. Halloween only happens once a year. If you prioritize healthy habits most of the time, a day or two of fun and indulgence is totally fine. Give yourself the weekend to celebrate!  

Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash