Is CBD for me?

The most common comment we hear at Flourish + Live Well is “Tell me what I should get…I have no idea.” Although that is a very broad remark, it does reflect on the current confusion in the CBD world. Broad Spectrum versus Full Spectrum versus Isolate. Non THC or with THC. Creams, salves, roll ons, sprays, mists, patches, tinctures, gummies, drinks, soaps, bath bombs, candles, oils, lotions, the list goes on and on.

It is so important to “drill” down on the needs that the guest has. I use the word guest because we are not just trying to get someone to purchase our product but to have invite them to better understand what will work best for them. Not one solution will work for everyone nor will it be the overnight miracle cure. Yes, many CBD products can and very often do provide rapid relief for a host of issues, but every person is different and hence, the way their body reacts to the offerings will be different. So, when we hear that question over and over, getting down to the “root need” is very important.

We recently had a guest who came in and was looking for a solution for her adult son who was hyperactive and and in her words, out of control. After talking with her on what they had already tried, we settled on a solution of a Sojihealth tincture specifically for sleep. A few weeks later, she contacted us to let us know that the tincture had worked and that part of his hyperactivity was due to a restless sleep.  It is so important to take the time to know our guests’ needs and focus on who that person is.