A Talk with the Experts

This past week, the Flourish + Live Well team got to talk with Phil Millman (Pharm.D) and Tim de Smet of Greenlife Organics about what goes into making quality CBD products. 

Dr. Phil Millman is the Chief Scientist at Greenlife Organics. He has three decades of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, giving him expansive knowledge of the field. Tim de Smet  works as the Engineering Manager is an expert in the engineering side of CBD and the extraction and manufacturing processes. Today, they both work in Greenlife Organics’ extraction lab, crafting quality products for their clients. Over Zoom, we discussed their careers, current projects, and the importance of organic farming in today’s CBD industry. 

Consistency and Accountability

When asked about their thoughts on the current state of the CBD industry, both Phil and Tim raised concerns about the lack of regulation. With little to no oversight, several companies and manufactures have no accountability and often use questionable techniques to produce low quality products at minimal costs. 

This lack of regulation stresses the importance of organic farming. Though rare, they praised companies like Greenlife Organics that utilize a farm-to-table operation. They both applauded the consistency and accountability found within these companies. “There is no consistency when the process isn’t all under one roof” they say. Companies like Greenlife Organics display responsibility and quality in their product. “ There is no room for quality to fall through the cracks”– which can often happen when companies utilize several different farms and extraction sources. 

Cared-for Hemp Plants

They also complimented Sharon Etchemendy, a farmer at Green Organics, for the love and care she gives her hemp plants. Sharon has been known to walk her plants, and even play them music. They went on to explain that well-loved plants lend themselves to more robust CBD profiles and more nutrients. When sourcing your help plants, well cared for plants produce higher quality products.

We were so grateful we were able to connect with Phil, Tim, and Sharon and benefit from their expansive experience and knowledge. Our conversation, again, stresses the importance of quality products and sourcing. We are so happy to be in this industry and be able to curate the best quality products for our clients. 

Photo via MHJ/iStock