Can CBD Help Get You Into Shape?

If you are anything like us, your summer wardrobe might be fitting a bit more snugly this year than in the past (…thanks Covid). Now that things are opening up, and gyms and fitness classes have returned, many people are motivated to get back into shape. But how can CBD fit into your new health routine? We have good news! In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, CBD can help you look and feel your best. 

Suppress Appetite

CBD has been seen to help suppress appetites and promote a faster metabolism. Though research on humans is limited, a 2011 study done on a group of rats found that a daily dose of CBD led to a significant reduction in body weight. Researchers believe that this is due to CBD’s effects on CB1 And CB2 receptors in the brain. These can help regulate your appetite, which can help fight off sweet cravings throughout the day. 

Reduce Inflammation

Research also has found that CBD can help reduce inflammation in the body. Though not directly linked to weight loss, this pain relief can ease the pain when exercising, making it easier to work out. When you are sore and don’t think you can keep moving through a gym session or fitness class, try CBD oil or CBD topical cream– it will reduce swelling and help your muscles loosen up. 

Reduce Cellulite

CBD naturally increases collagen production, which can make skin look healthier and reduce your chance of developing additional cellulite. CBD can also help reduce stretch marks and improve your skin’s elasticity and texture. Apply topical CBD daily for best results and watch your skin look smoother and healthier. 

With the variety of forms– from tinctures to topicals and gummies — you are sure to find the perfect product to add to your gym bag and incorporate into your routine. If you have any questions about CBD or which product is best for you, please reach out and a member of our expert staff will be happy to assist! 

Background photo created by George Pagan III on Unsplash