With Change Comes Wellness

Canna River recently launched a bright new look for their packaging and overall brand. These changes come with exciting new products, including a line of Delta-8 items and updated tincture flavors. In honor of this, we decided to take a closer look at the effects and benefits of change.

If the past 17 months have taught us anything, it’s taught us to adapt to frequent changes and uncertainty. From large-scale changes brought on by a global pandemic to small shifts in our daily routine, change can be unfamiliar and stressful. Despite this discomfort, change also produces incredible benefits of wellness. Below, we will outline the benefits of change and how it is essential to growth.

Being taken out of our comfort zone is the first wellness benefit caused by change. Even as it causes discomfort, the change allows us to build new skills to navigate the unknown and reduce stress. And ultimately, mental wellness comes from minimizing stressful situations.

The second wellness benefit is confidence. As we learn to successfully navigate change, our level of confidence increases exponentially for future unpredictable changes.

Thirdly, change gives us new knowledge and a broadened perspective. This improves our understanding of navigating change and enhances our worldview. Science continues to prove that mental wellness can be achieved by managing change successfully.

Our rapidly changing world presents endless opportunities for us to venture out of our comfort zone, build our confidence, broaden our perspectives, and ultimately improve our wellness.  In celebration of change, wellness, and Canna River’s new look, we are having a sale on our original bottles! Get 10% off all original packaging Canna River products while supplies last! Want even more savings? Make sure you are signed up for our email newsletter!