CBD + Pets

As CBD has gained great popularity for its healing properties, people have begun to extend these benefits to their pets as well. In a recent survey conducted by the Veterinary Information Network, an online community of veterinarians, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they were asked about cannabis by their patients at least once a month. People are turning to CBD to help manage pain, arthritis, seizures, and other health problems in their dogs and other pets. Rested Paws recently published an article with a comprehensive guide to CBD and dogs which has shed light on the potential of this natural supplement. But with this recent emergence, many questions are raised: How do I use these products? How much should I use? And, is it even safe? We explore these questions and more to help you determine if CBD is right for your furry friends:


Despite this sudden surge in popularity, many are wondering if CBD is effective, and more importantly safe, for our dogs and other animals. One study found that hemp-derived CBD is perfectly safe to administer to dogs, but research on other domestic animals is limited. A separate study from Cornell found that 2 milligrams per kilogram of CBD twice daily “can help increase comfort and activity” in dogs with osteoarthritis. Despite the lack of formal research, anecdotal evidence from pet owners suggests that CBD causes no serious side effects when given to animals. The side effects that could present themselves at higher doses are comparable to side effects seen in humans, which include nausea and drowsiness.

It is important to note that there have been few formal scientific studies examining how CBD oil affects pets. The informal evidence, however, is highly encouraging. Stephanie McGrath, a veterinarian and professor, stated in an article, “I feel really comfortable at this point, given all of our clinical trials and our initial research, that [CBD is] a safe product.”.


While these results are encouraging, it is still important to be mindful when choosing the right product for your pets.

The most common products come in the form of CBD Dog Treats made with a specific amount of hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs, and some of these same treats can be given to cats and other pets as well. Treats are usually made with healthy all-natural ingredients that are safe for pets to eat and are available in a variety of flavors aimed at dogs and cats.

For pets that are more finicky about their food, there are also CBD oil tinctures. Tinctures can be applied to the back of the animal’s tongue or dropped into their food, onto one of their favorite treats, or mixed with peanut butter.

How Much to Give

An effective dose is typically determined by pet species, breed, weight, and ailment being treated. Veterinarian Judy Morgan recommends starting with a dose of 1 mg per 10 pounds of weight and then monitoring your pet’s reaction to decide if the dose needs to be increased.

Case Studies

CBD pet products have been very popular with our customers. Sadie, an 8-year-old border collie, loves Kurativ treats and uses tincture to help with her arthritis. Another customer recently purchased Kurativ Pet Chews, available in chicken or beef, for her 13-year-old cat and has been truly impressed with the results.

We encourage you to check out our selection of pet CBD products and let us know if you use CBD products on your pets- we’d love to hear about your experience!