CBD and Sex

Benefits of CBD and Sex

The use of CBD during sex has offered benefits to couples for centuries! Cannabis has played a role in Tantric sex in the Hindu culture for thousands of years as well as in Buddhism and Indian cultures.

Scientists continue to learn more about Standardized Cannabis Extract (SCE), as it pertains to the body’s main regulatory receptors. These receptors are activated by the natural cannabinoid chemicals in our body and by the cannabinoid content in the cannabis plant, which benefits our nervous, immune, digestive, and female reproductive systems, thus, stimulating sex organs to relax and be more sensitive to pleasurable sensations. It also helps alleviate painful intercourse that can occur in later years. 

CBD, the non-psychoactive molecule found in industrial hemp plants, is what we want to focus on: the natural feeling of relaxation without the psychotic effect found in THC. We don’t need to be tripping on THC, just relaxing and loosening up on CBD prior to, during, and after sex.

CBD and Sex Have Proven Benefits:

Increased sensitivity:

A benefit of cannabis is sensory stimulation, which is a lovely additive for intimacy. The increase in sensitivity and the effect of relaxation create the mood for an enjoyable experience. 

Increased Libido:

Research suggests that cannabis can increase libido and desire, which confirms a marked increase in sexual desire in the majority of users. The great thing is that CBD can’t hurt and can only help. The more, the merrier!


Cannabis elevates the mood, relaxes the body, and stimulates sensations: three important ingredients for a happy and healthy sexual connection between couples.