Hemp is Hip & Historic-Take It from George Washington

You may think that CBD products are a “new” thing. Not so! Hemp has been grown and used in America since the beginning. In fact, George Washington, our first President, was a big fan! Hemp has always been important in the American economy and way of life. Today’s CBD products take history and patriotic traditions to a new level of effective healing and elevated holistic health.

Patriotic Plants

George Washington grew industrial hemp at Mount Vernon in part to gain economic independence from Britain. He encouraged Americans to grow hemp. It allowed Americans to manufacture their own textiles, rather than pay for higher-priced imports, and gave them an export product, too. 

Hemp & American History

Hemp is a historic crop! In writings and diaries, George Washington mentions hemp at least 90 times. Our Founding Father knew every single part of his hemp plants proved useful and valuable, from making oil, to cloth and canvas, to rope and twine (which were important in Washington’s fishing industry). Washington’s Mount Vernon is the first historic home in the country to grow hemp, and shares its history of production. These days, the hemp grown at Washington’s home is used onsite in textile demonstrations. 

Hemp: a Torch We Carry

At Flourish + Live Well, we carry a carefully curated selection of hemp-derived CBD products Come in to try our wonderful selection of balms, scrubs, and lotions that soothe the body and elevate the spirit. We are passionate about dispelling the myths and sharing the holistic benefits of CBD through thorough research and the highest quality, lab-tested CBD and plant-based products.

But don’t take George Washington’s word for it (or ours!). Try hemp-based products yourself and see how useful hemp can be. To find out more about CBD products and which is right for you, chat with us online, join us for an educational event or read additional articles in our blog.