CBD and Sleep

Most people would agree that we simply feel better after getting a good night of sleep. When we have trouble sleeping or fail to get our full 6-8 hours in, we have less energy, find it harder to concentrate and feel sluggish. While lack of sleep certainly impacts our moods and daily routine, many wonder if lack of sleep is, infact, detrimental to our health?

Many would be shocked to find out that sleep deprivation can have serious health defects. Science has linked poor sleep patterns with both mental and physical problems. These issues include: memory loss, mood changes, inability to concentrate, and weight gain. But most importantly, lack of sleep has been shown to seriously weaken our immune systems.

The immune system is our bodies built in defense system against harmful germs, infections and diseases. The immune system utilizes a full night’s sleep to reassess the body for threats, plan a proper defense plan and replenish vital cells and proteins to fight off disease and infection. Without enough sleep,the immune system is weakened and fails to function properly. Especially in the midst of coronavirus, a good night of sleep is one of the best ways to protect yourself against infection. 

How to Sleep Better?

There are several tips and tricks to establish better sleeping habits and patterns, including exercise, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and reducing stress in your life. 

But for those who have tried these tricks or are looking for a different approach to improve insomnia, CBD is a viable option. CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety, which can be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties and improving sleep quality. Research has shown CBD to improve overall sleep patterns, insomnia and ease chronic pain

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