4 Ways to Promote Self Healing

We often associate healing and recovery with medicine and physicians. However, mental and physical health does not always require a prescription. Our bodies are equipped with incredible natural healing mechanisms that kill toxic cells and fight off infections. When the natural state of our body is disrupted or impaired, these mechanisms weaken and we are more prone to illness and disease. There are several steps we can take to strengthen our bodies and promote natural healing. Below we have curated a list of four ways to keep ourselves strong and protected while at home.

Healthy Diet

A well balanced diet is key to maintaining our ability to self heal. Our bodies require a sufficient intake of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. Deficiencies in any of these categories can lead to many health defects and diseases. A balanced diet rich with a variety of nutrient-rich foods enables us to optimally function and fight off disease. 

Aroma Therapy 

Aroma therapy utilizes essential oils to promote therapeutic benefits on the mind and body. When inhaled, these essential oils trigger the release of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which give off a desired effect. Results can benefit mood, immune function, sleep, and psychological well-being. 


Meditation is a spiritual exercise used to achieve a state of inner relief and realign the body’s self regulatory state. During meditation, breathing becomes synchronized with the heart rate, leading to a reduction in blood pressure, muscle tension and stress hormones. This ultimately helps the body and mind feel more connected and restored. 


Similar to meditation, yoga aims to connect the body and mind, ultimately promoting both physical and mental benefits. Certain yoga poses build strength and flexibility in the muscles. Other poses activate the parasympathetic nervous system, instilling a sense of calm and bringing the mind back into a healthy state.  When done on a consistent basis, yoga practice can serve as an all-encompassing way to keep our body and mind healthy and strong.

Our products all go hand in hand with a life of wellness and self healing. For more information on how our products can assist and even enhance your personal self-healing regiment, please contact us or visit our website. Our experienced staff is always excited to help you flourish and live well.