CBD for Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching — and after an especially hard year, this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to shower the maternal figures in your life with some much-deserved love… and CBD.

As a known reliever of anxiety, inflammation, pain and a promoter of sleep, CBD can be the perfect gift for any super-mom. As they juggle so much as mothers and multi-faceted women, CBD provides calm during the many overwhelming moments and much-needed relief.

As Coco Meers, mother and CBD proponent notes, “CBD helps me be a more present and even-tempered mom. I find I have a longer fuse when responding to tough conversations and stressful moments … Instead of escalating when they’re pushing boundaries, I’m able to more calmly react and not get rattled.” From breakfast through to bedtime, CBD can be the perfect mother’s helper throughout the day.

In the morning, many moms take a CBD gummy or softgel to stay calm and balanced throughout the day- whether they are dealing with child tantrums, Zoom school, or playtime. 

When aches and pains come up throughout the day, CBD topicals, such as the Wildflower Cool Stick, are great to have on hand for fast and effective relief. 

After a long day, a good night’s rest is essential for any mom. However, it is no surprise that many mothers struggle with sleep, especially when they have infants or small children. For many, CBD products like Greenlife Organics Sleep CBD Gummies improves sleep quality and duration so mom can be her best self tomorrow.

While you still have plenty of time to decide on a Mother’s Day gift, if you are looking for the perfect way to provide relief and calm, be sure to stop by our store or check out our website for a wide selection of CBD products and gifts sure to please any mom in your life.