Partner Spotlight: Greenlife Organics

Often when it comes to relieving aches, pains, and stress, people are torn between nature and science. Despite praise for CBD as a novel and natural remedy, there has been concern over the lack of FDA oversight and regulation in the industry.

The controversy centers on certain brands’ inconsistent quality, strains and extraction methods, and lack of transparency with consumers.

When scientific proof falls short, people are forced to turn to un-natural remedies, like ibuprofen. When doing so, consumers risk long-term side effects and lose the additional health benefits of CBD products.

But this is where Green Life Organics comes in. Greenlife Organics is a seed-to-market hemp farm and brand committed to balancing nature and science.

They produce CBD-infused capsules, oils, topicals, pet products, and home goods that are safe, natural, and effective.

Their contribution to CBD research studies and product innovation is their focus as they strive to bring knowledge, inspiration, and healing to every customer.

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How Greenlife Organics Began 

Greenlife Organics all began as a family avocado farm in San Diego, California. When their family dog, Aria, became unable to walk with old age and not responding to traditional pharmaceuticals, they thought they would have to put her down. But that is when they discovered hemp oil and that it offered amazing medicinal properties for pets- without making them high.

Within days of giving their dog hemp oil, she showed vitality and vibrancy she had not had since she was a puppy. At that moment, they decided to convert half of their San Diego avocado farm into a hemp farm with the goal of sharing its natural relief with others.

“It’s truly amazing to see how far we have come in developing all-natural hemp products made from organic hemp we grow ourselves.” the owners say. “Hemp saved our dog, and it is adding wellness to our own lives every day!”

Why they Stand Out

Greenlife Organics follows three principles that define its mission and brand:

Rooted in Nature, Refined by Science  From seed to market, Greenlife Organics uses organic and naturally pure botanicals. Every ingredient brought into their lab goes through rigorous testing for CBD levels, pesticides, metals, and other harmful pollutants- leaving nothing to chance.

Superior Quality Extraction Methods Greenlife Organic’s industry-changing, proprietary extraction process delivers pure goodness. They extract with pharmaceutical-grade ethanol quite simply because it is superior to CO2 extraction methods. 

Experienced and Sustainable Farming They are organic farmers who lead sustainable lifestyles. They are committed to producing zero waste and tending to their plants without pesticides and chemicals.

We are so excited to offer Greenlife Organics products at our store! These are two top-selling Greenlife Organics products: