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Greenlife Organics Pure Gold Full Spectrum 1200mg CBD 1 Oz

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Good sleep supports good health. With more than 50 million Americans suffering from lack of sleep, it is essential for you to find a solution that helps you get 8-9 hours of natural sleep each night. Thankfully, nature gives us a non-habit forming remedy in the form of Cannabidiol (CBD). Scientific studies have shown CBD helps regulate a stress hormone called Cortisol which has a large impact on non-REM sleep cycles. Case studies have demonstrated CBD acts as a natural sedative, relaxing your mind and body into REM sleep without exerting a psychoactive “high” or leaving you feeling groggy when you wake up the next day.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract & Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil. That’s it.

  1. Full Spectrum: A popular extract where all naturally-occurring Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes and Trichomes are present in the final product to bring you optimal support for better sleep, less stress and pain relief.

  2. Hemp Seed Oil: Vastly improves CBD absorption in the human body.

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