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My CBD Story – CBD For Anxiety

Carlli uses CBD to help alleviate anxiety.  Reducing Anxiety is one of the core properties of CBD and makes CBD an effective treatment for a number of issues.


Hi, my name is Carlli. This is my CBD Journey.

I started this journey about three years ago by taking CBD tinctures.  Regie, who owns ​Flourish ​+ Live Well, actually introduced me to CBD tinctures.

I had never seen them before and ​never tried them before – ​until I became a very close friend of his. He showed me how to do them – you take a couple of drops and put them on your tongue.

For me, what that helps me with this is I have a lot of anxiety; I tend to overthink. I’m overthinking right now doing this video! 

What it does is it helps me calm;​ it helps me stop overthinking – thinking about the negatives; thinking about the “what ifs” throughout my day-to-day life.  It really helps calm my nerves, especially when my mind just starts going there, and there’s no reason for it to do that besides just a hit of anxiety that’s going on in my day.

I use CBD tinctures daily,​ sometimes up to about twice a day with certain scenarios depending on my stress levels and depending on my dopamine levels – anything of that nature that can really spike out ​my anxiety.

I tend to really love that it calms me down it brings me back to my body, so I’m not overthinking, and I’m not going ​”​out there​”and just thinking of the worst thing possible.​  ​I love that it brings me down and grounds me. 

It is going to be something that I will probably forever use now. It’s something that I I love. It’s in​ ​my daily routine now,​ and my anxiety has subsided tremendously.​

I used to get heart palpitations from overthinking so much and especially with driving.​ I used to feel like I was having heart attacks doing day-to-day driving, and now, ​since I have started the CBD tinctures,​ I am six months, no issues.  

I’m not feeling like I’m having a heart attack ​- ​no heart palpitations ​- ​and it’s helped me tremendously in my life focus a lot more,​ especially being a business owner.​

I can really dive deep in there and focus on the more positive aspects of my day-to-day life without having to go down the negative aspect, and that is my story for CBD and the CBD tinctures.​​

T​hank you!

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