One Year Anniversary!

Today, November 11,  marks our one year anniversary of being in business. Last November, we had no idea what the next 12 months would bring. We knew it would have its challenges, but we certainly were not expecting a global pandemic, 9 month lockdown, or national toilet paper shortage. 

But despite everything that has happened, we are ultimately so grateful for and proud of our first year in business. We have achieved successful milestones, developed new partnerships, grew our inventory with great new products, engaged in our community, and continue to make an impact through charitable donations and fundraising. Here is a deeper look into everything Flourish + Live Well has accomplished in our first year:


First and foremost, we are incredibly grateful for the community that has really embraced who we are and has supported our cause. We have been able to expand our “Giving Back” offerings to support those causes dearest to our hearts. 

We have also been able to partner with CBD companies that align with our values. Our partners have been very supportive during the pandemic: waiving minimums, offering free samples to give our customers, giving insight on best practices they are seeing, to help us succeed. 

We also survived the shutdown! We successfully moved our entire inventory offside so we could ship to our customers. Additionally, we started easy and safe delivery and curbside service to the San Diego County area. 

A few additional milestones include: never running out of toilet paper, though it came veerrry close. We also never ran out of wine, more important than toilet paper but just barely. Regie also homeschooled his kids at the store in May and June of last year! 

New Partnerships

This year we have built new partnerships with Greenlife Organics and the Chikumbuso project, whose purses and bags we carry in store, and 100% of the profit goes to this organization. 

Community Engagement

We continue to participate in Mainstreet Oceanside, and have also organized a pop up at sunset over the last 3 months. We continue to  partner with our neighbors to help drive business for all of us in the community. 

Social Impact and Fundraising Efforts

Through the sales of various products, we have raised $500 towards charitable organizations, and donated clothes and goods to the Women’s Rescue Center in Oceanside. Additionally, we have donated goods for the Star Theatre fundraising, Rady’s Children’s Hospital fundraising. 

Flourishing into the Future

When asked what our future goals include, Regie dreams of becoming the “Apple” of wellness. Though it might be a while until we launch the wellness equivalent of the iPhone, we assure you this next year has big things in store. We are committed to continuing to offer education and wellness products to the community, and helping our clients live well.