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Remedies for Quarantine Stress + Anxiety

In just a few short weeks, Coronavirus has seemed to impact nearly every part of our lives - our kids are home from school, many of us have had to start working from home, and our recreational and social outlets have been put on hold. These changes are keeping us inside and forcing us to adapt to a completely new way of life for the foreseeable future. This uncertainty can be unsettling to say the least, and many of us are experiencing increased fear, anxiety and sleep deprivation, all of which have the power to compromise our immune systems.

While Flourish + Live Well unfortunately cannot provide a miraculous cure-all for this situation, we do have several products that can ease the secondary effects of this global pandemic and offer some relief in these strange times. Here are some of the ways in which CBD can offer anxiety relief, sleep aid, and boost immune response: 


Studies have shown that CBD can reduce anxiety, lower the frequency of panic attacks, and act as a stress reliever. This is likely due to CBDs ability to reduce activity in the brain receptors, a major contributor to increased anxiety. Because of this, CBD products can be particularly helpful tools to cope with coronavirus stress. Our favorite CBD anxiety relievers are:  

  • The Good Patch Hemp Infused Be Calm Patch Unwind and decompress with this state of the art patch. Designed to deliver discreet and sustained relief for life's common ailments, this patch is complete with 15 mg of premium hemp, along with menthol. Simply peel and stick one patch onto your arm for up to 12 hours and enjoy the subtle yet soothing effects. 

  • Canna River Peppermint Tincture This CBD Tincture is made with Broad Spectrum CBD, organic MCT oil, food-grade flavor extracts, and natural terpenes for those of us looking for a stronger dose of alleviation and calm. It's a fresh and easy way to consume high strength CBD and experience all around stress relief.


Insomnia and sleep deprivation is never a good thing, but especially in stressful and uncertain times. Luckily, there is strong evidence supporting CBDs ability to help promote healthy sleep patterns- in large part due to its calming influence. Some of our favorite CBD sleep aids are:

  • Pachamama Kava Kava Kava kava's active compounds have been shown to decrease activity in the brain, washing a sense of calm over the mind. Valerian root works symbiotically with your body's natural chemistry, promoting a feeling of tranquility. This oil’s balanced, earthy flavor ultimately relaxes the mind and encourages a rejuvenating night's rest.

  • Soji Health Gummies These gummies are an effective and delicious way to quickly nourish and replenish tired cells while restoring balance to your endocannabinoid system. These flavorful and convenient chews promote healthy sleep which bringing you back to physical and mental equilibrium.


Along with staying calm and well-rested, maintaining a strong immune system is crucial in order to prevent and fight infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Along with maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, taking CBD Oil can also boost immune system response. We recommend:

  • Pachamama Tincture Formulated to help your body rejuvenate and restore, this tincture supports your immune system while increasing metabolism and energy. Green Tea's alkaloids, caffeine, theanine and catechins, have shown to combat fatigue and enhance mental clarity. As a renowned immune-booster, echinacea has long been fundamental in fighting the common cold thanks to its intrinsic ability to increase the body's number of white blood cells. This Tincture will help you simply feel your best.

Along with our wellness recommendations, we want to remind our community that amidst the uncertainty and challenges, times of crisis also present opportunity: less polarization, a revived appreciation for our community and loved ones, and a chance to slow down and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. While no one knows exactly how and when this situation will resolve, we do know that we will all get through this. So in the meantime, let’s continue to Flourish + Live Well, together.

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