Fall Back and Stay Well with our Time Change Tips

Though the extra hour of sleep is always nice, the end of daylight savings time also comes with its challenges. Shorter days and darker evenings are always a tough adjustment and can leave us feeling low energy and unmotivated. Instead of dreading early sunsets, we encourage you to take these changes as an opportunity to reset and adjust your routine. From adjusting your daily schedule to shifting your outlook, here are a few ways to embrace the end of daylight savings and promote winter wellness:

Embrace Earlier Mornings

Turning the clocks back has made waking up in the morning a bit easier. Take this as an opportunity to become a morning person and enjoy a little extra time to get your day started. Use the extra hour to enjoy coffee, read a book, or do something that makes you feel fulfilled.

Get Enough Physical Activity

This time change is also known to mess with people’s sleep cycle. To combat this, commit to working out and getting moving. This activity will not only help you sleep better, but also improve the quality of your sleep. Exercise will also give you added endorphins and boost your mood, promoting a range of wellness benefits!

Make the Most of the Season

Darker and colder days can be a bummer- but this season has its benefits too! Take this opportunity to celebrate the season and take part in fun winter activities! Watch holiday movies, try new seasonal recipes, bundle up and explore nature, and join Flourish + Live Well at our upcoming events! Events include:

– November 27: Sip and Shop Downtown Oceanside
– November 27 – December 12: Shop Local Holiday Scavenger Hunt
– November 27 – December 31 – ‘Tis the Season Window Decorating Contest

Stay tuned for more information on our holiday events and for more seasonal wellness tips and tricks.