Best CBD Food Pairings

The general rule of thumb when it comes to taking any medication is to take it with food- and this applies to CBD as well. Not only can food prevent adverse side effects, but studies have shown that the body absorbs more CBD when taken along with certain foods. Fat-rich foods in particular have been found to increase CBDs effectiveness and bioavailability. Prime CBD food pairings include: 

  • Olive or sesame oil 
  • MCT oil, or coconut oil 
  • Emulsified fats, such as those found in chocolate or mayonnaise 
  • Nuts 
  • Avocado
  • Fish 

But how can you incorporate these food pairings into a tasty snack or meal? Below we outline a few delicious ways to incorporate CBD into your next meal: 

gualcamole cbd


CBD pairs best with fatty foods because it enables better absorption. Avocados are a great healthy and fatty food, and can easily mix with onion, tomatoes, lime juice and your favorite CBD oil for a healthy and nutrient-rich snack.  



Salmon is another healthy and fat-rich food to pair with CBD, and contains the added bonus of Omega 3s. To increase effectiveness, instead of sauteing or frying the CBD oil when preparing the salmon, try mixing it into the sauce or butter after cooking to maintain the CBDs potency.  

Pasta CBD


Pasta is a popular and very versatile food to mix with CBD because there are so many ways to prepare it. But we particularly like pairing CBD with pesto pasta. Pesto is already delicious on its own, but it’s herby taste pairs compliments CBD’s flavors. Plus, since pesto doesn’t require a lot of heat, you can be sure your CBD will retain max potency

CBD Cookies

Baked Goods 

CBD can be easily incorporated into most of your favorite baked treats, from cookies to brownies and cakes. CBD can be added to the dough or batter when mixing your wet ingredients. If you’re baking at 350 degrees or lower, the potency of the oil should remain unaffected. If you’re baking at higher temperatures, it is recommended you incorporate CBD into the frosting.  

Adding CBD oil to your food is an easy and delicious way to reap the benefits of CBD and feel your best. As always, we recommend you start off with a small dose and gradually add more each time you cook until you reach your desired potency. If you’ve ever cooked with CBD, share your experience or favorite recipes in the comments below!