CBD for Winter Sports


For many snow enthusiasts, ski week is a time of great fun and excitement, but also great pain- from sore muscles to bruised bums. Skiing and snowboarding are some of winter’s favorite activities, and as the season approaches, the preparation starts. Whether you are adding new skis, poles, or bindings to your arsenal, perhaps you should consider adding CBD to the mix too.


Winter sports and activities, especially skiing and snowboarding, can take a toll on the body. Whether it’s just overworked muscles or a bruise or twist from a fall, the day following your mountain adventure could be a pretty sore one. CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain management and reduction. Having CBD ready-to-go in your winter coat pocket could be a life-saver for getting you back on the slopes. 


Whether you’re brand new and facing your first bunny slope, or you are carving through fresh powder on a black diamond run, below are a few products to help you feel your best on the slopes:



CBD tincture and oils are great for rapid relief, consumed sublingually, and enter the bloodstream almost immediately. CBD tinctures have gained popularity over the years because they are easy to consume and very effective. Because tinctures are highly concentrated, it delivers CBD throughout the body quicker than most other methods such as capsules or edibles. It is also much easier for the body to break down. Read more here


Former U.S. Ski Team star Chad Fleischer has suffered many knee and neck injuries throughout his career, which often caused chronic pain and required surgical attention. After being prescribed several different medications and finding many to be ineffective, Fleischer made the switch to CBD oil. Since then, several other U.S. Ski Team athletes are joining Fleischer and using CBD as a safe and effective painkiller for athletes.  Shop our tinctures here. 



CBD topicals are useful for targeted application, meaning you can apply them to specific areas that are in need of relief. CBD topicals are often in the form of lotions, balms, gels, and creams. These topicals are infused with CBD to create a skin-friendly remedy that contains the medical properties of CBD. CBD topicals are most popularly used for managing flame and inflammation. Read more here. 


CBD topicals work by penetrating the skin to provide targeted relief, without entering the bloodstream. This makes them a popular choice for people who wish to focus the healing properties on specific problem areas rather than feel the effects throughout their bodies. CBD topicals have been shown to provide relief for a variety of pain, so when your lower back feels extra tight after a long day on the hill or your knees need a little extra help recovering, CBD topicals can help to relieve the pain while you relax after a long day on the slopes. Shop our range of topicals here. 



One of the most convenient – and sweetest- ways to take CBD is through gummies. They’re easy to dose, portable, and tasty, making them easy to bring with you on your ski trip. Skiers and mountain-goers looking for a tasty, chewy treat can easily relax and ease the pain with CBD gummies. Other than being unbelievably tasty, each bite-size piece provides the same dose of CBD means it’s easy to know exactly how much you’re putting into your body. You can shop our gummies selection here. 


CBD products can help take the “ow” out of “snow” and keep your ski trips enjoyable and pain-free! To learn more about any of the products listed above, visit our website or contact one of our knowledgeable staff members.