Fathers Day Collection

With father’s day right around the corner, we curated a selection of remedies and gifts perfect for any dad. Our Father’s Day Collection features items hand-picked by F+LW owner, and full-time father, Regie.


Greenlife Organics Full Spectrum Pure Gold CBD Balm

A natural way to find pain relief, 400 mg Full Spectrum Pure Gold CBD Balm by Greenlife Organics delivers a high-quality, high-potency balm to relieve the most painful spots. With all-natural ingredients and superior Phyto cannabinoids, our balm provides therapeutic, soothing effects on your achy joints, cramps, and muscle soreness.

Designed to work directly with your body’s cannabinoid receptors, CBD topicals are made for targeted, localized pain relief. While they don’t have the bioavailability to penetrate into the bloodstream for full-bodied effects, CBD topicals do a great job of directly working with areas of pain and tightness. Contains .03% THC or less

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Soji Health Watermelon Gummies

Soji Health’s Edible Gummies offer a concentrated dose of pure full spectrum CBD goodness. These gummies are coated in sugar crystals, making them sweet without being overpoweringly sickly or syrupy. They’re a terrific option to use on a road trip, on dad’s day off from work, during a Netflix binge, or after a long walk.

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