Recent CBD Breakthroughs

As we prepare for a second round of lockdowns in California, there have been some recent developments in the CBD world to brighten our upcoming week!

First off, the U.N. recently reclassified cannabis by removing it from the category of most dangerous and addictive drugs, where it was previously listed alongside deadly, addictive opioids, including heroin. 

In this historic decision, the CND has opened the door to recognizing the medicinal and therapeutic potential of the commonly-used but still largely illegal recreational drug.  

Moreover, according to news reports, the decision could also drive additional scientific research into the plant’s long-heralded medicinal properties and act as a catalyst for countries to legalize the drug for medicinal use, and reconsider laws on its recreational use. 

Meanwhile, a landmark study was published on cannabis and driving ability, which showed that CBD does not impair driving. This comes as great news for individuals considering treatment using CBD-based products and medicines. 

The University of Sydney-led experiment is the latest to study the effects of cannabis consumption on drivers, an issue of growing public concern as more jurisdictions around the world remove laws against the plant and its chemical components. The results should reassure people using CBD-only products that they are safe to drive, and also help patients using THC-dominant products understand the duration of impairment. 

This news gives much needed clarity and peace of mind to both new and seasoned CBD users, especially as we approach the holiday season. If you or a loved one are interested in discovering the benefits of CBD and how it could impact your physical and mental wellness, we encourage you to learn more about it on our blog and shop our products on our website. We have several great offers this month and would be happy to help you see if CBD is for you!