Introducing Our New Blog Series: Flourish + Learn


We are excited to announce our new blog series, Flourish + Learn, in partnership with Soji Health.

This series will be exploring the science behind wellness and CBD. Through a series of monthly blog posts, we will offer scientifically backed wellness tips and lessons to help you live your best life. 

We will also explain important definitions, ideas, and equip you with valuable tools with which to approach the CBD and wellness industry. 

Both Soji Health and F+LW are invested in harnessing the benefits of plants to help our minds and bodies. By teaming up, we are excited to combine our respective expertise and values to make CBD and natural healing more approachable, accessible, and understood. 

About Soji Health

As one of the industry leaders in CBD/Hemp Full Spectrum, Soji Health is determined to pave the way for their clients to experience the many life changing benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD. Their unique nano-liposomal delivery system provides up to 6X higher and immediate bioavailability than competitors. This results in phenomenal products that truly work. All products are crafted with Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD that contains cannabinoids, as well as many beautiful botanicals, essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Soji Health’s Collection of prestige CBD products consist of a full skin care regimen, several flavors of gummies, sublingual oils and even pet products! Like us at Flourish + Live Well, Soji Health is committed to educating their clients and building their community so everyone can soothe, nourish and nurture themselves. 

We are so excited to join forces with Soji Health and combine our dedication to mental and physical wellness with their scientific expertise. You can visit their website to explore their range of products and learn more. Stay tuned for the first post of Flourish + Learn on February 1!

Flourish and Learn with Soji Health CBD