Earth & Star Super Multi Mushroom Gummies


The Super Multi Mushroom Gummies are made of a mix of 10 functional mushrooms extracts. Just like a multivitamin, it is recommended to take them every day, and they are vegan thanks to the use of pectin instead of gelatin.

The ingredients are scientifically supported and focus on optimum brain function, super powerful performance and powerful immunity, in addition to many other benefits.

Each bag comes with 30 daily portions, each of which contains no less than 2500 milligrams of mushrooms extract.

And the delicious wild raspberry taste makes you forget that these mushrooms are healthy. Moreover, they are gelatin free, perfect for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Our mushroom gummies contain 2,500 milligrams of mushroom extract from 10 different mushrooms. We can talk all day about their many benefits, but we have made this TL; DR version especially for you.

1. Chaga-250mg
The powerful Chaga mushroom, from Siberia, has the highest content of antioxidants in the entire plant world. A must during exposure to harmful UV rays, antioxidants keep the skin smooth and firm. Oh, and they protect almost every cell in your body against all other sources of free radicals.

2. Shiitake-250mg
Apart from completing a good stir-fry dish, there is a reason why the Shiitake mushroom is so loved. It is full of polysaccharides, a carbohydrate that feeds “good” intestinal bacteria. And it turns out that when your intestinal bacteria are happy, they reward you with a reinforced immunity, a happier mood and radiant skin.

3. Lions Mane-250mg
Brain fog can be normal, but it is certainly not normal. Lion’s mane comes to the rescue for a antidote to forgetfulness, a short attention voltage and mental lethargy. It is known for the preservation of brain power, persistent focus and memory.

4. Reishi-250mg
This so -called “queen of fungi”, which belongs to a class of herbs that is known as adaptogens, helps to balance the effects of stress.

5. Cordyceps-250mg
We don’t know how you are doing, but this mushroom reminds us of biceps and triceps. Because that is exactly what it can give you. By supporting the oxygen uptake, Cordyceps can assist with sought -after muscle growth.

6. Maitake-250mg
With a super high vitamin D content, Maitake provides a fantastic immune booster. And along the way it can also improve your mood they call it ‘the happy vitamin’ for nothing!

7. Turkey Tail-250mg
Stable blood sugar levels mean stability in other aspects of our health, such as our appetite. It has been proven that Turkey Tail works better than many other remedies to support healthy blood sugar levels.

8. White Button-250mg
White Button is rich in vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant can do anything, from maintaining a healthy immune system to supporting skin during sun exposure.

9. Black fungus-250mg
Known for its tough texture, this is a dark -colored mushroom full of polyphenols – the connections that occur in colorful vegetable food. These have many advantages for the body, including a high antioxidant activity for a healthy body on a cellular level.

10. Royal Sun-250mg
This powerful mushroom that stimulates the immune system can strengthen the natural defense of the body.

30 servings per bag


– No GMOs, preservatives, seed oils, soy, nuts

Content + Care
– Ingredients: Maitake Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Cordyceps Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Turkey Tail Mushroom, White Button Mushroom, Black Fungus Mushroom, Royal Sun Mushroom, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Glucose, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Oil (With Carnauba Wax)
– Imported

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