“Sit, Down, Stay” with CBD: Can CBD Help with Dog Training

CBD is being touted everywhere as the miracle remedy, treating everything from anxiety, to sleep, and joint pain. But recently, reports have claimed CBD can even help with training dogs! This week, we dig into these claims and what this can mean for your furry friend and your holidays.

As we’ve shared before, CBD can help reduce anxiety in dogs. The properties of CBD can help your pet’s body relax without the buzz, and improve overall wellness.  This relaxation, in turn, can help with training your dog.

Feeling calm and relaxed will help your dog feel more comfortable and allow them to focus on training. According to the AKC, dogs respond best to training when they feel safe and loved. And the AKC further states that a happy dog makes for a well-behaved dog. Attempting to train a fearful or anxious dog often creates friction between the dog and the human, even when using positive reinforcement-based training.

When a dog is feeling stressed, it cannot function normally and focus on the cause of anxiety or fear. Also, dogs can feel anxiety if they just try to please their human, and falling short of success can accentuate feelings of stress and anxiety.

CBD can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety—allowing your dog to feel more mellow and relaxed. It can even help keep your dog more focused on you, instead of becoming easily distracted or reactive. So whether you are in the depths of puppy training, or just trying to stop your dog from begging at Christmas dinner, CBD might just be the miracle remedy you and your pup need! You can shop our wide variety of pet products on our website or by clicking here.